June 2021 Branch News

Here is the Branch communications update for June.  It has been challenging producing these monthly at times, but we will be making efforts to reinstate a regular monthly communication again.  If you have any feedback or topics you would like covered, please email inverness.office@unison.co.uk.  
NHS Pay 21/22 
By now you should have received the pay rise agreed by UNISON members.  The arrears have not yet been paid, this should happen in August and will be backdated to 1/12/20.  UNISON is now in talks with the Scottish Government with regard to next year's pay deal. 
Homeworking Policy Consultation 
Please see below information regarding this.  If you have any comments or observations which you wish UNISON to put forward, please contact the Branch at inverness.office@unison.co.uk, tel 01463 715891.  Of course, you may respond individually as well if you wish. 
You are invited to participate in the forthcoming 'Once for Scotland' NHS Scotland Homeworking Policy Consultation.  The consultation will run for a 4 week period from 28 June to 26 July 2021 inclusive.  
You can access and respond to this consultation from Monday 28 June at https://consult.gov.scot/health-workforce/nhs-homeworking-policy  
NHS Scotland recognises the working environment has altered in the last 18 months as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 
The refresh of the Homeworking Policy within the extant Supporting the Work-Life Balance PIN has been prioritised ahead of the other policies in this suite.  It will sit alongside the other elements of the Supporting the Work-Life Balance PIN to be refreshed when the 'Once for Scotland' Workforce Policies Programme formally restarts in August 2021. 
It is recognised that agile working, as an approach, is becoming more common place.  The draft policy for consultation is intended to support employees and managers in considering and agreeing options for flexible work locations.  This is not a COVID-19 specific policy.  The policy has been refreshed and modernised to reflect the changed working environment.  Changes proposed by the employer are covered by the Staff Governance Standard which require full engagement and involvement with affected staff. The NHS Board's Organisational Change Policy will apply where the employer seeks a change in work locations. This will ensure the protection of terms and conditions and no detriment to the employee.  
The policy is not intended to directly address any terms and conditions issues as they are under the remit of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC). 
This consultation follows a series of regional engagement events at the start of 2020.  It provides a further opportunity for you to have your say and shape the NHS Scotland Homeworking Policy.  We encourage all stakeholders to review the draft policy and submit a response. 
Please ensure that consultation responses are submitted before the closing date of Monday 26 July 2021. 

NHS Highland Listening and Learning Survey 
The deadline for completion of this survey has been extended to 5 July.  We would strongly encourage members to complete the survey, so as full a picture as possible can be gathered about how staff are feeling.  Questions all have additional text boxes, so you can add extra comments as/where you wish.  The survey results (and comments) will be gathered anonymously by CultureAmp, and team results will only be reported where there are teams of 5 or more members of staff.  UNISON will be actively involved in looking at the results and agreeing actions which will flow from this.  Please complete the survey if you haven't already.  See link below.  You will need your pay number to participate. 
Up Front Newsletter 
You will have noticed we have moved to sending this out electronically to all members we have an email address for, and paper copies to other members.  Hopefully, this works for you, but let us know if that is not the case. 
3 Steps to Reduce Stress 
We like the simple and practical advice summarised in '3 Steps to Reduce Stress', available by clicking here.  We hope you find it useful. 
Travel Benefits 
From exclusive travel deals, to our very own holiday resort in beautiful Devon.  When it's time for your holiday, UNISON Living will make sure you get much more for your money. 
For further information see here: Travel | UNISON Member Benefits 
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