May 2017 news for members

Lots going on this month.  A number of new reps have been recruited.  Those that have done the training are now listed as part of the Who's Who on the website (address below).  So welcome to all the new faces, and those currently going through the training, who will come on to the list as and when.
Some other news/updates:
NHS Support Staff week
Representatives from the branch will be in the Raigmore Dining Room on Monday 29 May from 12.00 noon until 2.00 pm to highlight Celebrating NHS Support Staff Week which is 5 - 9 June.  Without porters, cleaners, IT staff and medical secretaries, to name but a few, the NHS wouldn't work.   We will also be having a draw to win a £50 voucher.  Please drop in to see us if you can.
Care at Home Service Redesigns
An update has been sent to members direct on the changes happening in North & West and South & Mid.  Both were originally aiming for an implementation date of 1 June.  At the time of writing, it looks like these target dates might slip, but we don't yet have a firm date for either project.  Probably the main issue to be resolved is about travel expenses, but hopefully we are close to a solution on this.  Also look out for information about the re-launch of CM2000.
Employee Director Election
Having served as Staff-side Lead and Employee Director for nearly 4 years, I am currently up for re-election.  The outcome of this (like another small election which you may be aware of) will be known on 9 June.  I hope to be able to let you know then that I will be serving for another 4 years, but we will see!
UNISON Page on Intranet
Unfortunately this has not been updated for some time (priorities, priorities...).  However, we are now getting round to this, and the page should be a bit more all singing/dancing.  So worth a look sometime soon...
Raigmore Coffee Lounge
Some progress here.  Staff temporarily lodged here are keen to move out as soon as they can, so it is looking like this will happen in July, with the Coffee Lounge being reinstated as soon as possible after that.  It's good news that this facility will soon be restored.  We should be able to give you a firm date in the next Comms Email (and/or watch the Facebook page for news).
Statutory/Mandatory Training
NHS Highland is seeking to promote/expand the take up of statutory/mandatory training.  As an achievable target, we are looking for all staff to undertake 6 Learnpro modules, as follows:
Safe Moving and Handling
Fire Safety
Information Governance
Equality and Diversity
Infection Control
Violence and Aggression
The target is 80% take up of these, but ideally all staff should take part.   Some of the courses (e.g. fire safety) only need to be done once every two years.
Being statutory/mandatory training, staff are entitled to undertake this training in work time. You can do the courses at home, but if so, you should receive TOIL for this (by prior agreement with your manager, of course).
Make sure you are up to date with all these courses.  If you don't know how to access Learnpro, speak to your manager (or your local Union Learning Rep) who will be able to advise.New text box >>

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