January 2017 news for members

New year, we are now living in Trump World, some updates on Branch and other things going on....


Band 1 review
414 staff so far accepted.  Offers have not yet gone out to all staff, and we hope this will be sorted over the next couple of months.  If you have still not had your offer, it will be backdated to October 2016.
Paid As If At Work
The audit has been completed, and been reported to the Board's Audit Committee.  A number of actions have been identified about the need for standard systems/processes, clearer guidance for managers, and expanding use of the SSTS system which will make it much easier for accurate information to be reported.  There is also a need for an update communication for staff, and this is being prepared.  We will continue to push hard for this to be resolved over the next few months.  A specific person at Raigmore has been seconded to do the calculations etc there.
Care at Home
A group of Branch officers and staff met on 19 January to agree the Branch strategy.  The Branch agreed that the method by which a management calculation of staff numbers had been made in South and Mid (S&M) was reasonable.  We expect that full information will be communicated to all staff in S&M shortly, which will include job descriptions, choice options, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and information about terms and conditions involved in moving over to Agenda For Change.  There are options for affected staff (including a promotion option - the 'Senior' worker posts) and all staff will be accommodated within the NHS, most within the enablement service.  A series of road shows is taking place over the next few weeks, and UNISON will be involved in these.  We would very much encourage staff to attend, and raise any questions/concerns etc which you may have.  As the service changes, there will also be a need for additional training for staff.  In North and West (N&W), the process will start shortly in terms of transferring staff over to Agenda For Change.  The changes will be smaller than in South and Mid, and jobs will be protected.

New Craigs Staff Survey
Thanks to everyone who responded to this.  We are currently collating the results, and will then take this forward with management.  We will report the outcomes here and in other media.
Commenting on a recent statement to Parliament by Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport, concerning the delay until 2020 of a network of major trauma centres across Scotland, Matt McLaughlin, Regional Organiser (Health), said:
'UNISON is pleased that the Cabinet Secretary has clarified the Government's position.  The pledge made by her predecessor, in the context of an election, was always over ambitious.  It is fair and reasonable that time is taken to ensure that this significant shift in resources and delivery is done in a planned manner in agreement with trade unions, staff and patients to ensure that patient safety is put first.
In the West of Scotland many significant and major traumas are already transferred to Glasgow.  The same happens in Edinburgh and other parts of the country.  Our communities are not at any significantly greater risk today because the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) has not been officially badged a 'major trauma centre'.  What's important is that the Government, Health Boards, unions and local communities continue to work together to devise a programme of change and investment which is appropriate and safe as we work to meet this political pledge.'
Matt added,
'Opposition parties seem to think that the changes needed can be achieved overnight and with no consequential impact.  That attitude and political gamesmanship does our NHS and our politics no good at all.  The creation of these major trauma networks will have an impact on the services provided on some of the major sites identified, such as the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.  It takes time to plan and organise how those services which may need to be moved out, will be accommodated.  Similarly it takes time to ensure that local hospitals in areas such as Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Fife, Borders and the Highlands can continue to provide appropriate services to compliment and support the trauma centres and at the same time retain appropriate specialist skills at their own boards.'
The following workshops are being arranged:
·        Open University Mental Health Awareness Workshop - Tuesday 7 March, 9.30 am - 4.00 pm, Lochgilphead
·        Accredited Emergency First Aid Course - Wednesday 8 March, 9.30 am - 4.30 pm, Oban
If you wish to book a place or would like further information please contact:
Regional Learning and Development Organiser
53 Shore Street
Direct dial: 01463 723968
Mobile: 07950 889765

Wednesday 8 March, 12.00 noon - 2.00 pm, Fort William (Alexandra Hotel, soup and sandwiches available)
Thursday 9 March, 12.00 noon - 2.00 pm, Invergordon (tea/coffee and cakes available)
Monday 13 March, 2.00 pm - Lochgilphead
Bute and Oban - dates and times to be advised
Wednesday 15 March, Inverness College UHI (5.30 pm, free buffet; 6.30 pm meeting business)
Exact details of times/dates/venues to follow.


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